Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Fishing in Colorado

Winter Fly Fishing 40 minutes from Denver Colorado

If you want this kind of experience, you have to make your way on a less traveled path. The fish are smaller, the hiking is tougher, the roads are dirt, but the outdoor experience is breathtaking. 
A day after the foothills near Denver got a foot of snow I headed up Coal Creek Canyon Road (RT 72), turned right on Crescent Drive, then right on Gross Dam road (dirt) to an unplowed pulloff just past Gross Dam. 

 Down a couple hundred feet on a trail, carefully avoiding the cougars to South Boulder Creek that was running at a respectable 106 cfs for the past 10 days. Water temperature was 40 degrees at 1:00PM.  I dropped a bead egg below a pheasant tail and worked the far side of this pool slow and deep.

A little patience and this nice rainbow fell for the egg.

Striking when the trout hits the egg will pull the barbless size 20 hook into a nice spot even a studded goth chick wouldn't mind. 

 A little while later, in the same pool, this rainbow also chose to ignore the pheasant tail and went after the egg. Both hook-ups were very clean outside the jaw, as predicted by Clint Packo who taught us how to rig this egg pattern.  It's not easy to entice trout at 40 degrees but the quiet beauty of a healthy Colorado stream in the winter is reward enough.