Tuesday, February 26, 2013

San Diego - Fish B4U Fly - Crystal Pier

San Diego - Crystal Pier - Fish Before You Fly

      San Diego is a favorite conference spot and no wonder. It has great facilities, restaurants, beaches, weather, airport, and museums. But it also has a chance for some fly fishing before you get back to the grind.
     Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, a short hop north on I-5 has a bait and tackle that makes it easy.

You'll be fishing with a spinning rod but Jimmy Barrick, 858-568-3025 will fix you up with a pre-rigged set of 6 of these flies for the ever present Walleye Surfperch.

I tied the rig to the swivel with a good old Duncan knot.
And what do you know, Jimmy was right. For a complete breakdown, get the $1 iGuidepro.com guide for San Diego - Crystal Pier from the iTunes store.