Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eagle Eyes on a Colorado Trout Bum

Fishing my favorite Colorado Canyon.

     What I love most about fly fishing is that something always happens. When you are outside near the water something unexpected always happens. 
     I returned to a spot I'd weakly fished a week earlier.  

Water temperature was 42-44 degrees both times. I'd convinced myself that I must have been fishing flies that were too big, so this time I kicked up some gravel and screen out a scud and a stonefly nymph. Both appeared to be size 16-18 just as I'd been fishing. 

Finally on a size 22 foam winged midge emerger I succeeded. 

I left the hole for a couple hours and moved up stream. A mature bald eagle had been cruising up and down the river all day. I'd seen him four times. On my way back I noticed another angler had just hooked up to a nice fish under the eyes of a bald eagle in the hole I had left.
You should be able to see the white dot of his head in a tall pine tree 4 trees in from the left.

Here's a youtube video. My apologies for not having a better camera along. I didn't expect the eagle.