Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What young guys think and what old guys know about fly fishing.

What young guys think and what old guys know.

1. Young guys think the guy in the fly shop their age will give them the best advice. The old guys know the owner who has caught the most fish.
2. Young guys think you must use a specific fly in a specific place like their buddies. Old guys know the drift is more important.
3. Young guys think the published primetime tables will tell you when you must throw the first fly. Old guys know that the published primetimes are based on astrology not chronobiology and don't mean a thing.
4. Young guys think using a fast rod and casting quicker will get them more fish. Old guys know that stealth and finesse are more important.
5. Young guys think old guys will not walk pass the first spot. Old guys know that habitat rather than walking distance determines whether there will be fish holding in a spot.
6. Young guys think that getting skunked ruins the whole day. Old guys believe that being out on the stream is reward enough.
7. Young guys think they'll never be that old. Old guys know they will be and will still be fishing.
8. Young guys think the catch and photo are most important. Old guys know the release is the most fun.
9. Young guys think that size matters. Old guys think that fly selection, stalking and size matter.
10. Young guys believe that it only happened if there's a photo. Old guys even count an in-stream release.