Thursday, May 30, 2013

A 20 rainbow day on a trico pattern, a pegged egg, and public transit.

The iconic Colorado fishing experience usually involves a long hot drive in an expensive van on dangerous interstates to a mind numbing elevation. Can it be done in one day using only the Rapid Transit Denver system?  I did it today.

I won't disclose the location because it is somewhat fragile at this point in time. I will disclose some of the pictures and that both light rail and bus were used. I did not wear my waders on the train and I did pack away my rod heeding the call to "please be aware of the closing doors."

Great places to fly fish near Denver do exist on RTD routes. To name just a few:
1. The Denver South Platte.
2. Boulder Creek.
3. Clear Creek.
4. Waterton Canyon.

The rainbows were a mix of recently stocked and overwintered. The stronger more colorful were also the highest jumpers. I fished a Wednesday and a Thursday with just a fishing buddy. No other anglers were on the stream. All seemed to be about the same age. Sadly no smaller recruits were present but hopefully once dam managers and municipalities recognize the positive benefits of guaranteed minimum flows and the importance of water call timing, spawning will be easier for the trout.

I think I'll try them all out and then publish a "Fish Before You Catch the Train." Check Amazon to see if I've finished it yet.

Check out this monster trico hatch.

Plenty of risers.

Mayfly Genus Tricorythodes (Tricos)

Healthy strong rainbows.

Released. Ready for you to catch.